How much testosterone should I inject?

Know your dosage of Testosterone Injections to reverse the shortage of this hormone’s presence in your body, and to avoid any harmful after-effects.

Testosterone injections are injected in the muscles which get absorbed into the blood stream over time. Mostly the physician will know what dosage of this hormone should be injected in your muscles depending on your condition, but it is good for you to know about the dosage too, especially if you have decided to take the injections yourself or with the help of someone who is a pro at it. If you want to know all about injecting testosterone, its dosage, time intervals, and quantity of injectable then carry on reading this guide to get hands-on knowledge regarding this matter.

The injections for the hormone of testosterone are usually given in the muscles of thighs, glutes or deltoid, from where they make their way into the blood stream and start eliminating problems caused by the shortage of this hormone in the body and start benefiting the male body by strengthening bones, increasing sexual performance, and developing bigger muscles.

General Dosage:

The average dose of testosterone injection in adult males, is 25 to 50 milligrams, given two to three times in a week. This is the average amount, which can differ based on the requirement by the male body’s system and for treating different ailments. The severity of your condition also determines the amount of dosage and its frequency. Mostly, the injection is given to a male once every few weeks, but some may require more frequent doses, whereas, others may require lesser dosage of these injections with longer waiting periods of several weeks in between injections. After a few months, your health practitioner may change the dosage depending on your current health condition, and levels of testosterone in the blood. Regular blood tests are always a part of this treatment because that is how the doctors will be able to check the increase or regularity of testosterone levels in your body, and then adjust your dosage accordingly.  Alternatively, you can take male supplements like Testogen that have been prepared after in-depth scientific research to treat the decline of testosterone in the body, and provide the health benefits of a better sexual life, better ability to exercise and perform other tasks, improve performance and energy, and give you a muscular body.

Testosterone for Muscle Gain:

Testosterone is ranked as the number 1 hormone that can effectively help you build a muscular and lean body. It helps burn out the fat in body and develops greater muscle mass by naturally enhancing the body’s ability to become more masculine and strong. Proper testosterone usage can help you gain around 30 to 50 pounds within the period of only three months and you can retain all the muscle gain even after stopping to get testosterone from outer-body sources. If you educate yourself properly and take testosterone with the right dosage and regularly checking your blood tests, then you can gain a lot of muscle mass with minimal to non-existent side effects. If your goal is to gain lots of muscle mass and strength then testosterone is the ultimate solution for you, either in form of injections or in form of an easy-to-use supplementation like Testogen. Taking testosterone through supplementation would be easy, as you will only have to take it according to the simple instructions each day and start noticing the difference in your muscle mass and tone, but if you decide to use injections then carefully read the instructions of injecting it, consult a physician, and educate yourself properly to reap benefits and avoid side effects.

You will also need to educate yourself on different types of testosterone injections available and select the one that won’t hit your system immediately and won’t act too fast, as the faster a testosterone injection hits your system, the more side effects it can have on you. After choosing the type of testosterone you want to inject, you will have to find out a reliable brand, and then decide the dosage you will be taking. For example, as a beginner you can take 500 mg of a good quality Enanthate Testosterone in a week. On this, your cycle base would be like: Testo max

Weeks 1 to 10: 500mg per week

Week 11: 300 mg

Week 12: 200 mg

Low Cycles vs High Cycles:

Most of the bodybuilders prefer low cycles of testosterone because high dosages have a higher risk of converting into estrogen. Therefore, a normal cutting cycle is generally consisted of having a testosterone replacement therapy with the dosage of around 200 to 300 mg per week. High dosages of testosterone are usually used in bulking cycles where the main goal is to build muscles. During this cycle, the dosage of testosterone should be 500 to 1000 mg per week, but it is never recommended to increase the dosage from 1000 mg because a lot of testosterone will convert into estrogen, hence proper dosage is the key to building muscles.

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